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Organic Sanpin Green Tea
The Authentic Health Drink of The Okinawan Elders
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Sanpin: The Real Okinawan Tea

In response to numerous requests, the creators of the Okinawa Diet Program are pleased to bring you authentic sanpin tea.

Used for centuries in Okinawa for its many health promoting properties, this exceptional green tea is now rapidly gaining a reputation in the West as a much sought after "slimming tea" and health drink.

The healthiest beverage on the planet?

A growing body of evidence suggests sanpin tea may indeed be among the healthiest beverages in the world. This superior green tea is favored by many as an effective adjunct to diet and exercise in the battle against obesity as well as a delicious and refreshing health drink.

This traditional Okinawan tea not only contains zero calories but has actually been shown in studies to burn calories. What's more, sanpin tea contains numerous health-promoting properties, unlike other diet tea drinks, diet soft drinks or low calorie "health drinks."

Health Benefits of Sanpin Tea

Numerous scientific studies conducted over the years suggest properties found in sanpin tea may include the following health benefits:

For more information on sanpin tea health benefits, see our research section

100% All Natural, Certified Organic

Eco CertUSDA Organic

Many diet drinks and herbal supplements are loaded with caffeine, sugar or other harmful stimulants and artificial additives. Okinawa Way Sanpin Tea is 100% natural and USDA certified organic with no harmful additives of any kind. Okinawa Way Sanpin tea induces feelings of calmness, well-being and mental alertness rather than the irritability brought on by many stimulant-based diet products.

Beware of Imitations

Many websites have appeared recently claiming to sell "Okinawan tea" but did you know that the tea sold by most of these marketers is simply low grade jasmine tea that you can buy at your local grocers for a fraction of the price? Our website ( is the only website that sells authentic Okinawa Way sanpin tea.

Okinawa Way Organic Sanpin Tea is the only tea endorsed by the creators of the Okinawa Diet Program. It is sold only through our website and is not sold in stores!

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Organic Okinawa Way Sanpin Tea

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