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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is sanpin tea?

Answer: Sanpin tea is a form of jasmine green tea popular in Okinawa with the Okinawan elders who are famous for living extremely long, lean and healthy lives. Numerous scientific studies have shown that properties found in sanpin tea may not only help to burn fat but may also yield significant health benefits! See our research section for more information...

Who are the Okinawans?

Answer: The people of the tropical pacific island of Okinawa are famous around the world for their exceptional longevity and healthy aging. Heart disease, many types of cancer and several other chronic diseases are up to 90% lower than in the West. Recent evidence suggests that compounds found in sanpin tea may play a major role in these findings. The Okinawan longevity phenomenon has been well documented by the exceptional and longest running study of its kind: The Okinawa Centenarian Study

Question: Is Sanpin Tea Safe?

Answer: Not only is sanpin tea safe, but it has been found to contain many health promoting properties. Sanpin tea has been enjoyed for centuries in Okinawa and has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be beneficial to human health.

Okinawa Way Organic Sanpin Tea is 100% all natural without any harmful additives or preservatives of any kind and it is USDA certified organic.

Question: How Do You Recommend I Use Sanpin Tea?

Answer: For best results, we recommend drinking four to eight cups of sanpin tea daily in conjunction with a healthy, calorie-reduced diet. We recommend The Okinawa Diet Program, which was developed by a team of internationally recognized doctors and scientists to bring you the best of the traditional Okinawan diet along with the best of modern nutritional science.

Question: I've seen other sites selling "Okinawan Tea" are these websites yours also?

Answer: Absolutely not! There are many imitator sites on the web but they are not associated with us in any way. Authentic Okinawa Way Sanpin Tea can be purchased ONLY through our website:

Okinawa Way Organic Sanpin Tea is the only tea endorsed by the creators of the Okinawa Diet Program

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